Professional Support

Teacher support is focused on implementing the GrapeSEED curriculum with fidelity to ensure student success. Virtual support could include classroom observations focused on identifying areas of success and growth, 1-on-1 coaching sessions, co-teaching, and/or providing a professional learning session for teachers on an agreed upon, specific aspect of implementing the GrapeSEED curriculum.

Professional Development Video Library

Teachers have unlimited access to a comprehensive video library and online courses that serve as professional development resources focused on implementing the GrapeSEED curriculum. Topics include GrapeSEED Materials and Effective Teaching Examples modules and the Master Teacher series.

Distance and Hybrid Learning Support

GrapeSEED is committed to providing the flexibility schools and teachers need in an ever-changing educational world. Whether lessons are provided in-person, online, or a combination of both, GrapeSEED provides an engaging oral language solution to meet educators’ needs.

High Quality Content

The Content Site contains all the GrapeSEED content and teaching materials including student materials, as well as teacher content such as Lesson Plans and Unit Newsletters.

Meticulously designed by professionals for beauty and effectiveness, our official GrapeSEED material is the crux of our program.

Analyze Your Students’ Usage

Teachers need to know how their classes are doing, which is why we provide student usage reports as well as a general class information on our Report Site.

Ready-to-Use Presentations

GrapeSEED provides teachers with a digital Lesson Viewer. The Lesson Viewer allows teachers to project a ready-to-use presentation on a Smart Board for socially distanced lessons or incorporate them into online lessons using any popular meeting platform. The Lesson Viewer directly correlates with our Lesson Plans and provides an easy to use and intuitive interface to navigate between lesson components. This tool makes both in-person and online instruction simple and effective.