Summer School Learning with GrapeSEED!

The Covid Slide…

We all know that ‘summer slide’ is when students lose academic ground during a long summer break. It’s not a new phenomenon! But what about the incredibly steep ‘COVID Slide’? Even with dedicated educators committing to overcome the challenges of teaching during a pandemic, the reality of the situation has taken an incredible toll on children and schools, particularly English Language Learner students. GrapeSEED is here to help!

Fun and Engaging for Summer

Intentionally designed with children in mind, the GrapeSEED English Language Acquisition curriculum is highly engaging and fun. Our interactive approach is woven through every teaching component and lesson. Rather than a traditional ‘sit and get’ approach, GrapeSEED students are engaged in songs, and can demonstrate their comprehension through movement and action activities and learn to engage in conversation through our chants. This joyful learning, built upon our five platforms, is the ideal solution after the challenging times so many of our students have overcome.

When you adopt GrapeSEED you get all the resources you need, including Lesson Plans. No more searching for the right materials, we provide printed as well as digital materials so your teachers can focus on teaching and not on curriculum planning.

The seamless integration of vertical phonics, functional notional, controlled vocabulary, language art skills, and repeated exposure and practice, known as ‘The Five Platforms’ make GrapeSEED the perfect foundation for English Language Acquisition.

Our Five Platforms…

Vertical Phonics

Our unique approach to phonics is just one thing that makes acquiring language with GrapeSEED special. Students are exposed to letters and letter sounds using the “vertical approach” and within the context of shared reading poems and shared reading big books.

Functional Notional

This platform allows children to acquire English naturally, just as they did their first language.

Controlled Vocabulary

Rather than bombarding students with endless lists of words to memorize, at GrapeSEED our developers have carefully chosen vocabulary that is relevant and immediately useful for boys and girls as they become speakers, readers, and writers.

Language Art Skills

As an oral language acquisition curriculum, GrapeSEED builds the bridge to reading and writing English.

Repeated Exposure and Practice

Repeated Exposure and Practice means that students will have opportunities to soak in the language they are acquiring outside of the classroom with our interactive and engaging GrapeSEED student portal.

Join us for a live webinar on how GrapeSEED can be used for Summer School.