COVID 19 Support

GrapeSEED learning can happen everywhere

Students everywhere have had their education disrupted by the ongoing pandemic.

Where schools continue to be closed, we want learning at home to be as productive and enjoyable as possible for the educators, students, and families we serve.

GrapeSEED is supporting educators and families during school closures with new and expanded on-line access to our resources.

These resources are intended to allow children to seamlessly continue their English learning from home without disruption.

Continuing the journey to English excellence during the pandemic

Thankfully, GrapeSEED students can continue on their journey to English excellence even while schools are closed.

GrapeSEED is committed to ensuring our teachers and students have the best possible learning experience, whether virtually or in-person.

Even if the teacher and student cannot interact in person, it’s important that learning continues. That’s why we have made available our Virtual Teacher-Student Interaction solution to all GrapeSEED schools and families worldwide.

The Virtual TSI solution is delivered by expert, native English-speaking GrapeSEED teachers.

The corresponding GrapeSEED student App reinforces the same learning concepts, while ensuring ongoing exposure to the language.

In addition to publishing our own new teaching content and making that available for use, we have developed an array of teaching resources to assist with remote learning. We encourage customer schools to stay in close communication with your GrapeSEED coach so as to stay up to date on these resources.

Every GrapeSEED school is taking a slightly different approach in how they handle the situation, but we are coming alongside our GrapeSEED schools to help equip and guide them through this difficult period of transition and uncertainty.