Study on the Effectiveness of GrapeSEED: Kindergarten – 1st Grade

study on effect of GrapeSEED curriculum

This study, spanning a period of three years, conducted at the Parker Elementary School, part of Clintondale Community Schools in Michigan, was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of GrapeSEED when used with English-speaking kindergarten and first grade students from an economically deprived area (100% Free and Reduced Lunch).

The Dose Effect

Starting from the left, the following chart compares children who received no GrapeSEED to children who received GrapeSEED only in kindergarten, only in first grade, and those who received GrapeSEED in both kindergarten and in first grade. Clearly, the children who received the most GrapeSEED performed the best on their DRA (reading test) scores.

Figure 1: DRA Levels and Grade Level Expectations

Students Exceed DRA Benchmarks

The Kindergarten Spring DRA Text Level scores were compared to the Meets/Exceeds Proficient benchmark standards developed by researchers at the University of Arkansas.

After receiving GrapeSEED in the first year (2011-2012), 100 percent of the children tested at grade level or above. This had never before happened in the history of the school. In the second year (2012-2013), the same thing happened with an entirely new group of kindergarteners. In the third year (2013-2014), with yet another new group of kindergarteners, 97.2 percent of students achieved grade level or above.

Figure 2: Three Years of Kindergarten Students Meet/Exceed Benchmark DRA2 Text Level

The First Grade Spring DRA Text Level scores were also compared to the Meets/Exceeds Proficiency benchmark standards developed by researchers at the University of Arkansas. Two-thirds of the first grade students met or exceeded proficiency on those standards.

Figure 3: Grade 1 Students Differences in DRA Achievement by Prior Kindergarten GrapeSEED

However, all of those students who received GrapeSEED as kindergarten students met or exceeded the benchmark standard.

Table 1: Grade 1 Students Who Met or Exceeded End-of-Year Benchmark DRA

Table 2: Grade 1 Students Receiving GrapeSEED Who Met or Exceeded End-of-Year Benchmark DRA

Students Excel beyond National Norms

The kindergarten students clearly excelled beyond the sight words national norms set by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) study for the U.S. Department of Education. The NCES set the End of Kindergarten National Norms to 30 sight words. The kindergarten students receiving GrapeSEED ended with an average of 37 sight words in the MLPP Sight Words assessment.

Figure 4: Kindergarten Gains in MLPP Sight Words

Figure 5: Kindergarten Gains in MLPP Concepts about Print

Students made significant growth and clearly excelled beyond the national norms score of 20 set by the NCES for Concepts about Print.

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