Repeated Exposure and Practice

Have you ever found yourself thinking “If I had a nickel for every time I repeated myself today, I could retire early!”? How about “I feel like a broken record … saying the same thing over and over again!”? If you work with children (or teens or even adults!) chances are, you’ve thought this, or something similar, once or twice throughout your career!

All light-heartedness aside, there IS a time when repetition is extremely valuable, and that’s why ‘Repeated Exposure and Practice’ or ‘REP’ time is one of GrapeSEED’s five carefully integrated platforms for success.

At GrapeSEED, we respect the very real need…the critical need… for young English language learners to not only engage with the language they’re acquiring during their interactive GrapeSEED lesson, but multiple times throughout the day… outside of the teacher-led lesson itself.

This is where our REP Student Materials, both digital and printed, come in!

GrapeSEED students, your girls & boys will have easy access to their own Student App, which can be used at school, at home, or even both!

They’ll also use books with corresponding audio and video for each Unit of study. This unique combination of audio and audio-visual support will provide your children the opportunity to develop & strengthen their listening skills, to reproduce sounds more clearly and to process & comprehend with more depth and understanding, while providing visual illustration of concepts that include cultural nuances & emotions (like gestures and facial expressions) along with position, movement and direction.

Our research proves that students using the REP materials every day reach a higher level of English proficiency in a shorter period of time and are more ready to communicate in English more quickly and confidently. What an advantage!

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