Language Arts

If you’ve been involved in education for any length of time, you’ve surely seen trends come and you’ve surely seen those same trends go. You’ve likely heard about that ‘swinging pendulum’ and may even have started a running list of the latest educational buzzwords just to keep up!

However, at the end of it all, there is one thing that will NEVER change, and that is the importance of the intentional teaching of listening, speaking, reading and writing, also known as Language Arts Skills.

Language Arts is the 4th of GrapeSEED’s carefully integrated ‘Five Platform’, which together make GrapeSEED the best way for children to develop their English Oral Language skills!

So how does GrapeSEED effectively support the development of Language Arts skills? Here’s a snapshot:

  • GrapeSEED students are immediately immersed in listening and opportunities for speaking throughout every thoughtfully planned daily lesson. The language expressions, vocabulary, high frequency words, phonograms and more that are woven through our songs, stories, big books, poems, chants and action activities make sure of that! And we know that once that strong foundation of listening and speaking is built, the bridge to reading and writing quickly follows.
  • We believe in the power of phonics instruction! Our unique approach to phonics involves teaching phonograms using the ‘Vertical Phonics’ approach, as well as kinesthetic activity that we call “air-writing.”
  • Our Shared Reading Poems and Shared Reading Big Books carry the letters and sounds being learned right into the context of continuous text! Not only that, but the shared reading components teach the Concepts of Print and reinforce the teaching of vocabulary, high-frequency words and critical language functions.
  • Reading awareness and readiness that are part of the GrapeSEED methodology also include word assembly, segmenting & blending, and writing awareness, as well.

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