Gradual Release of Responsibility

gradual release of responsibility

Progression Learning: the gradual release of responsibility

The teaching strategies in the above graphic illustrate the process of a gradual release of responsibility from the teacher to the student. These are imperative techniques for teachers to utilize as they progress through any GrapeSEED unit with their English learners, encouraging not only language and literacy development, but growth in confidence as well. It is important to realize these strategies are not necessarily a continuum. More specifically, in the case of GrapeSEED, there is not always a fixed time or lesson when a teacher would move from one strategy to the next.

During the first year of training, teachers attend our ‘Progression Training’, which encourages and demonstrates how teachers would consider their students’ abilities, the number of exposures they’ve had, and which unit they’re on so that depending on the situation, they may choose to incorporate any or all of the strategies in a given lesson.

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