Can We Talk?

Have you ever peeked your head into a bright, cheerful preschool classroom and walked away thinking things like ‘They’re just so darn cute!’ or ‘They have such fun, playing all day!’ ?

On one hand, you would be (mostly) accurate … the children are adorable and there definitely is time carved out for play (which, by the way, is children’s work). On the other hand, look (or should I say ‘listen’) a little closer, and you’ll notice that as children are playing house, painting pictures, building blocks, and looking at picture books, they’re also – ideally – engaged in conversations with one another.

The importance of talking in the classroom has certainly shifted over the years. You may remember a time when a quiet or even silent classroom meant that it was an ordered, well-managed one. Times have changed, and for the better! Educators want the sound of a ‘productive hum’, where students are chatting as they discuss, problem-solve, collaborate and encourage. Being able to effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas and to engage in age-appropriate conversation is the foundation that little ones need for success in school and beyond.

Here’s why:

1) Purposeful talking builds connections between students, strengthening classroom and social community.

2) Deliberate time set aside for talking gives kids time to practice academic and conversational language.

3) Talking in small groups or pairs allows children to learn from one another and to value what others have to contribute.

4) Talking gives children the chance to mentally and verbally process what they’ve learned and what’s important to them.

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