Visual Literacy is Essential for Young Learners

ake a look at this image. What is this a picture of? What colors did the artist use and why? What is the artist trying to accomplish?

This is a beautiful, brightly-colored chameleon, isn’t it? Take another look. Do you notice the feet on top of the head and in the tail? Do you see the faces near the eye and on the underside of the tail? This amazing work of art by Johannes Stötter is, in fact, two people painted to look like a chameleon.

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Vertical Phonics

Phonological awareness, or being able to hear the sounds that make up spoken words, is essential and one of the first steps for any young learner to become a successful reader and writer. As children learn to associate those spoken sounds with written letters and words, a solid foundation to reading and writing is being carefully crafted.

At GrapeSEED, we greatly value the importance of phonological awareness and phonics, which is why Vertical Phonics is the first of our seamlessly integrated Five Platforms for supporting the development of English oral language acquisition.

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Tips to Ease Your Young Learners into a New School Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Hard to believe, but it’s back-to-school time again already. Parents are out snagging the latest and greatest school supplies (back-to-school spending is second only to November-December holiday season spending!) while teachers are brainstorming the best ways to get students back into the school mindset. After an extended break, it’s easy to understand why students struggle to focus. And the beginning of the school year may be even more daunting for younger students, including those who have not experienced school before, and English as a Second Language (ESL)/English Language Learners (ELL)/Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and other students who may struggle with the English language.

Here are a few tips for teachers to ease the worries of all little learners, regardless of their educational and English language experience, at the beginning of and throughout the school year.

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Tips for Boosting Literacy Development in Young Learners

There are so many great research-based tips online to help encourage literacy development in young children. Here we have put together a few of our favorites. They can be used at home by parents or in the classroom during different lessons and throughout the day.

You can find these tips built right into the GrapeSEED program and demonstrated as part of the training. Teachers already using GrapeSEED can check your Teacher Resource manual to review these and other helpful tips.

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This Critical Skill Can Help Young Learners Achieve Literacy Faster

In the last election, I’m sure you noticed the myriad of political television and radio commercials where candidates gave you a list of their accomplishments, explained why you should vote for them, and maybe even criticized their opponents. If you were paying attention to those commercials, you most likely used a form of listening called critical listening.

According to Skills You Need, a website devoted to helping people develop life skills, “We can be said to be engaged in critical listening when the goal is to evaluate or scrutinise what is being said. Critical listening is a much more active behaviour than informational listening and usually involves some sort of problem solving or decision making.”

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