Training At Your Fingertips

The Teacher Training Site is a professional development resource, composed of a video library and on-demand online courses to train and support teachers on effective instructional strategies, using the GrapeSEED curriculum.

The professional development series includes topics from theories that are foundational to GrapeSEED curriculum design and implementation, as well as detailed, component-specific directions to help teachers improve their instruction.

Administrative and Coach Support

The School Site is designed to facilitate all the important functions that come with using GrapeSEED. Teachers can use it to plan out their classes, see student lists and individual app usage information, and request materials for new units from their school.

With the Coaching/Teacher Support Page, school administrators and teachers can readily keep track of and access the reports for each teacher’s periodic instructional coaching sessions, to facilitate communication among key stakeholders.

Distance and Hybrid Learning Support

GrapeSEED is committed to providing the flexibility schools and teachers need in an ever-changing educational world. Whether lessons are provided in-person, online, or a combination of both, GrapeSEED provides an engaging oral language solution to meet educators’ needs.

High Quality Official Content

The Content Site contains all the GrapeSEED content and teaching materials including student materials, as well as teacher content such as Lesson Plans and Unit Newsletters.

Meticulously designed by professionals for beauty and effectiveness, our official GrapeSEED material is the crux of our program.

Visualize and Analyze Your Class’s Progress

Teachers need to know how their classes are doing which is why we provide app usage reports for teachers as well as a general class information report on our Report Site.

The Report Site provides much needed information to teachers to ensure they can effectively teach.

Intuitive Interface for Online Instruction

GrapeSEED provides teachers with the tools they need to make remote teaching simple and effective. The Lesson Viewer makes it possible for teachers to start any online session with a ready-to-use presentation of all classroom components, conveniently prearranged to correlate directly with our Lesson Plans.