Meet the newest member of the GrapeSEED family, LittleSEED, a brand new curriculum designed specifically for preschool-aged children.

As part of the GrapeSEED family, LittleSEED provides a first exposure to the English language for students age 36-48 months, giving your child an early advantage. Your child will learn the most important sounds, vocabulary, and communicative expressions, while also engaging them in delightful and fun activities.


At The Right Time

When parents invest in their children’s English learning during the early childhood years, they are doing it at an optimal time because:

  • Research has shown that 85% of the brain develops before the age of 5, more rapidly than any other time in life. *Rand Corporation and The National Institute for Early Education Research
  • A child’s preschool years are a period of extremely rapid brain development, making it crucial for this age group to receive proper stimulation.
  • Recent scientific research shows that many higher-level abilities—including motivation, communication, problem solving, and more—are formed in these early years.

Learning English Naturally

LittleSEED’s approach to teaching helps children learn English comprehension much more quickly than traditional approaches because our curriculum draws children into learning through songs, play, and interaction.

An opportunity to succeed naturally, not artificially:

By following a natural language acquisition process, each advancement in the language begins at the right time for aspiring students, creating immediate success and less stress than a grammar-based approach.

Different modalities of learning:

Movement, songs, reading, and more modalities are used, allowing students to comprehend through different learning styles to be successful—and have fun!

A fun and engaging program:

Because the program features a lot of variety and teaching approaches, kids enjoy learning and are actively engaged—and when kids are engaged, they can’t help but learn.

Both students and teachers succeed:

LittleSEED supports the teaching process with clear, comprehensive teacher and classroom materials, full professional training, and on-site and virtual teacher support.


Teacher Components

At LittleSEED, we know a variety of teaching tools are needed to assist children when learning a language. Every curriculum component has a purpose, and together, they make a rich language learning opportunity.

Learn how each curriculum component intentionally aids in the teaching of each LittleSEED student.


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