As the world’s bridge language, English has always been important. With the world becoming more interconnected, this creates both opportunity and competition for the next generation. We are convinced that those who receive the gift of English (especially a pure, spoken English) will have every opportunity to succeed.
GrapeSEED delivers benefits to multiple stakeholders, including parents, teachers, school owners, and political leaders. On a macro level, nations can benefit (English being a competitive differentiator) and global society can benefit (ease of communication). Yet the greatest benefit is to an individual child. That child, whose parents made the decision to give them GrapeSEED English, is equipped with something special that can never be taken from them, that opens doors of opportunity for them, and equips them to be successful not only in the language, but in life.
We are a company that is passionate about transforming the lives of children by empowering them with excellent English oral language instruction and skills. We have a long history of equipping children for a lifetime of success in the language. And we have been privileged to see the results first-hand with thousands of children in many countries.
GrapeSEED is a uniquely fun and engaging, comprehensive oral language acquisition curriculum that provides a bridge to reading and writing skills. Entirely unlike any other curriculum, GrapeSEED delivers life-changing benefits to children.
We have been in this business a very long time and have used or carefully examined dozens of competing programs and methodologies. After decades of our own experience teaching English, we chose to develop our own curriculum, one that is specifically geared to children, exceptionally efficient and uniquely effective in moving a child to proficiency in English. In short, we know what works and what does not work. And we are seeing what works daily in GrapeSEED schools around the world. We are seeing children come running up to us, with confidence, eager to engage with us in English.
Yes, GrapeSEED teaches grammar in a way that helps students learn it without having to memorize rules. GrapeSEED uses the natural approach to language learning, and this means that as students are developing their oral fluency, they are deducing the grammar through context rather than direct instruction. Just as parents help their children learn grammar in their native language through correct modeling and repetition, students are able to learn grammar in GrapeSEED without the stress associated with traditional grammar learning. Abundant research confirms the validity of this approach.
GrapeSEED is so uniquely effective for perhaps many reasons, but one way of looking at it is that we allow the student to succeed. This is a simple but powerful concept that quickly becomes apparent in the classroom, an environment carefully engineered for success. First-time observers of a GrapeSEED classroom regularly comment on the extraordinary level of student engagement. Obstacles to learning are completely removed and the environment - physical elements, human elements, technology elements, and an overall atmosphere conducive to learning - is 100 percent geared to successful language acquisition.
The power of a subconscious process is invaluable in understanding how the GrapeSEED curriculum works. Children are immersed in a language-rich, multisensory environment, enriched by nurturing teachers; plenty of songs, chants, poems, stories, art, and activities; and all the while the lessons are building neural pathways or templates in their brains that facilitate their acquisition of English, subconsciously, without the boredom, risk, anxiety, meaninglessness, and pain of a rules-based approach. Soon they are speaking in English, and they then have something to build upon, to expand, and their competence provides them with pride and confidence to move forward. At every stage of GrapeSEED, success builds upon success.
Part of the GrapeSEED family, LittleSEED provides a first exposure to English for 3-year-olds. The program gives students an advantage in learning English by teaching them the most important sounds, vocabulary, and communicative expressions. LittleSEED provides the foundation for English comprehension and usage.
For some time, many of our customer schools had been asking for something for younger children, i.e. 3-year-olds. In a lot of places children start coming to school at that age and there hasn’t been a product for English that aligns with the methods that we use at GrapeSEED. Our customers are really excited to now have something else in the family for three year-olds, to help them get ready for GrapeSEED at age four.
The whole idea with LittleSEED is that we are introducing the 32 most common sounds of the English language to students in a really fun way. So each sound has its own character. The characters are so fun and inviting for kids. At the same time, while they’re learning the sounds, they’re learning the most common English words that they can use to begin to have conversations. So there's a lot of music, a lot of movement, and just a lot of fun. LittleSEED is the perfect lead-in to GrapeSEED, yet it is not required for GrapeSEED.
GrapeSEED is grounded in research on multiple levels, including its: language acquisition theory; instructional components; instructional strategies; implementation model; and, finally, the use of psychological, cognitive, and neuroscience research. Rarely does a curriculum/instructional program incorporate the theory and research from so many disciplinary fields.
GrapeSEED is licensed to schools in select countries. As a parent interested in GrapeSEED, you will need to either find a GrapeSEED school or encourage your school to become a GrapeSEED school.
As we assess potential school partners, we look for a certain passion, vision and mindset that will typically include: a willingness on the part of school management to continue to learn, a commitment to fidelity of implementation, and a desire to see students having fun as they are learning. In our experience, this combination of factors has proven to be fertile ground for success for all involved.
Our teachers are really the gateway to student success. We choose to invest in our teachers at the level we do with our support and training because we know that the teacher can impact hundreds and if not thousands of students. So by taking the time to invest in them and making sure they feel fully supported, and they understand how to teach GrapeSEED and why to teach GrapeSEED, we know that that will pay off with students receiving the type of quality education that they deserve.
How does GrapeSEED equip teachers? We start with Foundation Training where teachers learn all about GrapeSEED and how to teach GrapeSEED. We supply teachers with the Teacher Manual that is really their starting resource for how and why we do things. Then as they start teaching, we have on-site visits where a Coach will come and help them continue to improve the way they’re teaching. And we have daily Lesson Plans so that their time can be spent less on writing lesson plans and more on thinking about the individual needs of their students. And finally, after they’re done teaching, we continue to provide support by video lesson analyses where one of our coaches will look at a video of them teaching and provide some feedback to them. Additionally, we provide a teacher-training platform, which provides 24-hour professional development for teachers. Access to over 700 useful videos will help them become more efficient and effective in the classroom.
GrapeSEED isn't designed to correlate with any specific school programs as we serve student in many countries. GrapeSEED is designed to provide the highest level of oral English language acquisition with an emphasis on communication.
GrapeSEED is aligned with both the ELPA21 (English Language Proficiency Assessment for the 21st Century) and CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) standards. Additionally, we are currently engaged in a research project to see how we align with the Cambridge Assessment.
GrapeSEED is almost fanatical about implementation because for us, it's all about results. Long-running experience in multiple countries proves GrapeSEED is uniquely effective when it is implemented as designed. For our schools to be successful, for our teachers to be successful, and our students, we want results and it starts with fidelity of implementation.
We are committed to always improving GrapeSEED. We are continuously monitoring our classrooms, listening to feedback, watching and participating in educational research, and tying all of these elements back into ongoing improvements to our curriculum. After thorough development and testing, we make these improvements available to our user base.
Technology is an important part of GrapeSEED and used to support the language acquisition process. Where technology can support our mission of moving a child to proficiency in English, we will not be shy to adopt technology. While we are actively engaged in implementing new technology (including AI), this is never technology for the sake of technology or, for that matter, simple convenience. It is technology for the sake of language acquisition, toward the goal of moving a child to proficiency in the language. GrapeSEED is a complex ecosystem of seemingly disparate elements that combine for success; technology is an important part of that ecosystem.
Camp GrapeSEED is an opportunity for select children from different countries to participate in an English-immersion camp. It is a celebration of what GrapeSEED is doing in the lives of individual children from around the world.