Frequently Asked Questions

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GrapeSEED is a company that is passionate about transforming children and teachers’ lives by empowering them with excellent English oral language instruction and skills.
GrapeSEED is a fun and engaging, oral language acquisition curriculum that provides a bridge to reading and writing skills.
GrapeSEED is available in many countries and licensed exclusively to schools. To see if GrapeSEED is available in your country and whether your school is a good fit, please contact us.
GrapeSEED is typically licensed on a per student basis.
GrapeSEED began at the MeySen Academy in Sendai, Japan over 50 years ago. The creators were intent on developing a system for teaching English that was consistent with how children naturally acquire language. As a system now deployed in multiple countries, GrapeSEED is continually improving.
GrapeSEED follows the natural progression of language learning. Importantly, it provides a foundation for a lifetime of success in the language and, indeed, in life.

A number of factors contribute to why GrapeSEED is so uniquely effective. Over and over again, we hear that the students are so engaged; the teachers are so equipped; the system is so comprehensive.

Essentially, everything needed to ensure success has been built into GrapeSEED. The most important thing a school needs to do is commit to doing it the GrapeSEED way.