GrapeSEED is an oral English Language Learner (ELL) curriculum for four to twelve-year-old students.

GrapeSEED follows the principles of Natural Language Acquisition, helping students gain confidence and English fluency by using the continual language acquisition processes of exposure, comprehension, use, and reinforcement.


The GrapeSEED Way

There is an optimal time to learn English — and that time is early childhood when the brain and other muscles are still developing.

There is an optimal way of learning as well, a way that we’ve developed that is specific to how children learn naturally. Its design and development were complex, but its execution is elegantly simple and straightforward.

The Natural Way to Learn

GrapeSEED enables students to develop basic reading fluency, writing awareness/ readiness, and writing skills.

Students learn English faster:

Due to GrapeSEED’s practical focus on ways that language is used (functions) and the ideas it communicates (notions). It’s the same way they learned their first language.

Students speak clearly and naturally:

Because GrapeSEED’s immersive, innovative teaching methods target language communication.

Students stay fully engaged:

through a fun, progressive, auditory and visual curriculum that features high quality original art and animation.

Both students and teachers succeed:

Because GrapeSEED supports the teaching process with clear, comprehensive teacher and classroom materials, full professional training, and on-site and virtual teacher support.


Teacher Components

At GrapeSEED, we know a variety of teaching tools are needed to assist children when learning a language. Every curriculum component has a purpose, and together, they make a rich language learning opportunity.

Learn how each curriculum component intentionally aids in the teaching of each GrapeSEED student.


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