Announcing the English Learning Report

Parents in every country share a powerful desire: they want to see their children, the next generation, have a better life. They want to see their children have greater opportunities to succeed. Where there are greater opportunities, the individual benefits, society benefits, and the world benefits.

GrapeSEED wants to do our part to fulfill the dreams of parents everywhere. We are convinced that English language skills can make a profound difference for families and, in turn, society.

Parents seem to know, almost intuitively, that English could be the key to a better future for their children. Educators know this as well, as do governments.

But just how important is English to an individual’s future? In today’s fast-moving and ever-changing world, is English really as important today as it was 20 years ago? What about the future? Is English worth an investment by parents, by governments?

As an organization deeply invested in the success of the next generation, we believe these questions deserve more than a cursory examination. With that in mind, GrapeSEED has produced a report that looks at the world of English learning.

Our intent is to offer the global community – parents, teachers, governments - a perspective and framework for thinking about English learning. This is for the sake of the next generation.

DOWNLOAD “English Learning Report 2019: The World of English”